Boise Brave Friends

Our Project

We put roasters and specialty green coffee beans in the hands of students and got to work.  By collaborating with students, teachers and administrators, The Percolator Fund launched a blended coffee named Boise Brave Friends Blend.  Students explored the flavor wheel and held coffee tastings to find the best roast levels and blend proportions.   The Percolator Fund  commissioned a distinctive label design by Ward Hooper, a Boise based artist and illustrator.  Students interested in participating in the project roast coffee as  a part of their educational program.  Coffee is available for purchase by subscription and through the the projects Facebook page Boise Brave Friends Blend.

Our Name

Our partnership with Boise High School allows students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to work side by side with peer mentors as they developed a custom coffee blend.  The name “Boise Brave Friends” was coined by principal Robb Thompson because it expressed his admiration for the heart and perseverance (Brave) he sees each time he sees in the extended resource program.  There is no group of students that will make you feel more important or welcome than these students (Friends).

Our Start

The project concept was born when The Percolator Fund‘s Founder, Suzanne McIntosh, handed her business card to Natalie Lutes, a veteran Special Educator with the Boise School District.  At the time, Suzanne was representing Furnace Hill Coffee Company in Westminster, MD.  Natalie listened to the story behind Furnace Hills Coffee – a roaster that employs adults with and without disabilities – and proclaimed “I’m in!”  With the support of Furnace Hills Coffee, Natalie and Suzanne dreamed up a public/private collaboration that would benefit her students.  In classic Boise fashion, members of the school and community removed barriers and lent a hand to launch the project.


Our student roasters (a.k.a. Brave Friends) consistently produce freshly roasted specialty coffee and would like to share it with you.  Consider partnering with us via a coffee subscription.  Contact us at or by calling us (208)502-0235.  Visit the Facebook page Boise Brave Friends Blend.